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Here are a few pictures of our new 9000 sq ft warehouse, Concrete is poured, just waiting for it to cure a few weeks. Storage for lots of insulation that is now setting outside.


Grayne PVC Red Cedar Shingles


Graber's now carries Grayne PVC 7 1/2 inch Composite Shingles for your home.  They come in 6 unique colors or we can provide you with paintable shingles so that you can create the exterior color of your choice for your dream home.  These shinges are made from a rigid PVC composite which is impervious to moisture and are offered in 72 unique woodgrains that provide a distinct natural cedar appearance.  Available colors range from a stained finish to a lasting aged cedar look. Grayne shingles are 1/3 the weight of fiber cement shingles.

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Take a look at our NEW "Swenson Metal Shears"


You can now cut your own metal to length with an easy push down "Swenson Metal Shears" The shears come with an extra set of blades to cut angles from 90 degrees To 5/12 pitch. Blades for greater pitches are available. This Shear has a never flat wheel that gives you easy mobility to any job site. 

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