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Graber's Oak Flooring sells wood flooring products and metal for buildings, but we try to provide more than just materials. Our goal is to offer the best quality and value for the price, and to give the customer the best result for their dollar. Our metal building materials are warranted by the manufacturer, and our wood products are the best we can provide at the lowest price. We attempt to advise the customer about all options, then match the products to their exact custom needs. We are pleased to provide technical and practical assistance, and to provide any related items needed for their project, whether from our one suppliers or from other sources.


Quality Options


We offer several ranges of quality so that the customer can get the best utility and appearance combination that suits their individual needs, and so that they can customize their choices. Building sizes and options vary widely, to suit the customer's lot and to maximize it's utility. We also typically offer at least three different grades of flooring from the mills, combined with surface options (such as pre-finished versus unfinished flooring ). Most higher priced flooring is warranted by the manufacturer or mill, although lower priced material are often sold as a bargain price just because it is sold without any factory mill warranty. The type of coating or varnish selected will also vary the characteristics of the final floor, such as a satin or gloss surface, or even the amount of sanding and number of coats of finish. We try to match our customer's budget and quality goals and options, but always leaving the final choices to the customer and to their installer. When natural wood beauty is highlighted, even each board is unique.


Installation Contractors


We do not directly install our products, but we can recommend experienced craft persons who are familiar with our products. We keep your costs lower (as Graber's does not normally make a commission or become a contractor). Even though we do not directly control or profit from the labor and installation of our products, we try to support the installing working to insure customer satisfaction with the final result. Each custom installation is complicated by site specific issues unique to each customer's job (such as the type of existing construction in a flooring job, or pre-existing site conditions for a building installation). The installers normally coordinate and resolve those issues with the homeowners, but we still offer technical assistance as needed. We also try to anticipate normal potential problems, and to advise the customer what to expect from our products, but each floor or building is a custom installation, and two situations are exactly alike.


Customer Satisfaction


We hope to make each project, regardless of size, as unique as our customer's We stand behind our products and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Graber's is a member of Better Business Bureau and wants to insure that each customer receives the quality they expect and will be able to use and enjoy their purchase for many years.

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