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John Graber has been selling hardwood flooring for 20 years. He began working in the woods carefully cutting thousands of trees and has worked in construction and building materials for over 30 years.  John has traveled the country selling flooring to his customers in person so that he could provide the highest level of customer interaction possible. Today, Graber’s Oak Flooring and Pole Buildings operates out of a showroom in Glenford, Ohio and continues to strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction while offering customers the lowest prices possible.

John and his wife Fannie, along with their sons, daughters and family members literally enjoy listening to their customers and coming up with solutions for their needs. As a family run business, they have dedicated themselves to customer satisfaction and enjoy making friends at the office every day.

Today, Graber’s has grown and now offers a one-stop-shop solution for your project needs including kitchen cabinets, countertops, handmade furniture, building materials, portable generators and power equipment, custom trim work, blue prints, tools and accessories.

Graber’s Oak Flooring and Pole Buildings is much more than a name – it’s a way of life. From their family to yours, let Graber’s make you feel the importance, warmth and satisfaction that you deserve as a customer. Graber Oak Flooring, Inc. - Working Hard for Your Success.

Graber’s is a Better Business Accredited Business with a A+ rating.

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Graber Oak Flooring Inc

12149 Gower Road

Glenford, OH 43739

(740) 659-1480

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